Drawing & Watercolour Tips

How to Draw a Straight Line

Seems a simple thing to do but many are troubled with dawing straight lines without a ruler. Useful tip to help allign shapes and elements in a drawing.


Hold your drawing hand rigid, clutch a pencil with your index finger and thumb whilst running an extended little finger along the table or book edge. Perfection comes with practice


How to mix luminous greys

Greys from a tube are often flat and dull in watercolour . Greys mixed from a primary and secondary colour or indeed three primaries can often have an opalescent sheen and sparkle more often seen onside an oyster shell.


Try mixes as suggested here to create warm and cool greys to bring connectivity to painting in watercolour


Tonal Sketch

Tonal Sketch Hill End
Tonal Sketch Hill End

The importance of a tonal sketch should never be underestimated. It is essential prior to painting