Painting Workshops Programme 2018

Thank you to those may many people who have so kindly and so generously donated their time in organising workshops all over the world in these past many years. Also thanks to so many artists who have attended and shared their learning experiences with me.
I have enjoyed the journey greatly.
After so many watercolour painting and sketching workshops , I am taking this year off to refresh, be selfish and work towards my next major exhibition together with a greater commitment to group exhibitions with the Australian Watercolour Institute. 
Thus workshops are limited to these very few in the meantime
I look forward to the future to again share my journeys with like minded and talented people.Happy sketching and Painting... life is too short!...  sketch and paint every day..record and share and the joys of your journeys.
Sunday 15- Thursday 19 April 2018
                    Sketching & Watercolour Painting
Website         Fay Boyd's Fine Art School
Telephone      02 6643 1528 
__________________________________________________________Monday 14- Friday 18 May 2018
Perth             Plein Air
                     Sketching & Watercolour Painting
Contact          David Conlin 
Coordinators   Dave Conlin and Susan Payne          ________________________________________________

Painting Workshop Programme 2018+

Malcolm's Sketchbook
Malcolm's Sketchbook

Quotes from recent Workshoppers

Recent guests attest to the level of service and quality that Malcolm delivers in his workshops. and feels that they can speak best for us.

“Many thanks for the material you forwarded and for a very enjoyable workshop.You were extremely generous with your time, and sharing your techniques and tips.  May even a little of your magic fall in my direction.

Thank you again, and all the best for your art and travels too."



For me, I feel that I have had my eyes opened! Without sounding ridiculous [after one week of watercolour classes,] I cant believe how differently i am seeing my surrounds!

I thought I was fairly observant but this is now driving me mad!!! I found today i just could not look at the garden or surrounding trees without looking at the pattern of light and then getting the insatiable urge to draw it and attempt to paint it! needless to say i took lots of photos, the children have not been fed properly all day and I want to give up my regular job to pursue this new passion! Tonight i went to pick tomatoes and eggplants for dinner and was waylaid for 30 mins taking photo's because of the sheen on the veges! ..we  then had scrambled eggs for dinner, So thank you” 


“It was a great course.  I really appreciated the way you took note of all our requests and addressed our expectations - that is, on top of delivering your carefully prepared instructions!  The mark of not just a very accomplished artist but also a dedicated and experienced teacher. ”